Professional Dog Training In San Rafael, CA

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Professional Dog Training in San Rafael, CA

Does your dog require obedience training or better house manners? Search no more—Fit 'N' Furry offers expert dog training services! Our successful and positive training approaches provide you with peace of mind, transforming your dog's problematic behaviors into impeccable manners and improved communication.


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Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Dog Training Programs

Fit 'N' Furry provides a nurturing environment where dogs of all breeds and ages flourish, benefiting from personalized one-on-one training and engaging training camps. Our devoted staff brings extensive training and certification, including recognition from the International Association of Canine Professionals Certified Dog Trainer (IACP-CDT). Our comprehensive programs encompass a broad range of skills, starting with fundamental obedience commands like sit, down, and leash walking, extending to potty training, and even addressing the most challenging behaviors. We're proud to offer both private training and advanced classes. All sessions are conducted in our certified Green facility, conveniently situated in Petaluma, CA, just a brief 21-mile drive from San Rafael.

Thrilling Dog Training Camps

The foundation of basic dog training starts with positive and proven fundamentals. This establishes improved communication and mutual understanding, leading to a profoundly positive relationship and the strongest bond achievable.

Our overnight training camps are the pinnacle of popularity and effectiveness. During your pup's stay at our renowned lodging facility, they'll relish one-on-one sessions with a trainer, custom-tailored to achieve your specific goals.

Our Stay and Train camps include:

  • Individual climate-controlled rooms
  • Daily dedicated training sessions
  • Enjoyable playtimes in groups or individually
  • Constant, attentive care
  • Nutritious meals, treats, and fresh water
  • Regular health checkups
  • Comfortable, clean bedding
  • Access to valuable take-home resources and ongoing support

After successfully completing our fundamental dog training program, your pup will have honed essential skills like walking serenely on a leash, politely greeting guests, and promptly responding to standard verbal commands such as sit, stay, and lay down.

Continuing beyond your dog's initial training, we extend ongoing support throughout its entire lifetime.

In our intermediate training program, your dog's newly acquired skills and refined manners are solidified through consistent practice. They will learn more advanced commands tailored to enhance their focus and overall behavior.

Our Advanced Training program welcomes dogs of all ages, eager to progress to the next level. Our trainers employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to not only establish a foundation in basic skills but also to cultivate more advanced behaviors.

These are some of the additional concerns we can help you with:

  • Potty training and housebreaking
  • Preventing jumping
  • Managing chewing and destructive behaviors
  • Addressing barking
  • Curbing play biting
  • Tackling more complex behavior problems

Puppy Training

Fit ‘N’ Furry acknowledges the significance of the early months in your puppy's life, emphasizing the importance of exposing them to diverse situations, other dogs, people, and fostering an environment conducive to learning and structure. Puppies 12-18 weeks old are welcome.

We're here to assist you with:

  • Beginning socialization with dogs and people
  • Teaching calm leash walking
  • Managing potty training/housebreaking
  • Discouraging jumping
  • Providing guidelines for chewing and nipping
  • Sit and down commands

Free Puppy Socialization Classes

Seeking an excellent method to kickstart your new puppy's socialization abilities while helping them expend excess energy? Look no further! Fit 'N' Furry Pet Resort presents FREE Puppy Socialization classes. These sessions usually occur every Saturday from 11 AM to noon, but it's recommended to call and confirm availability.

The Puppy Socialization takes place within a secure and sanitized setting, with a skilled trainer present to observe, address inquiries, and offer expert guidance on all things puppy-related! Located in Petaluma, we're easily accessible for those in San Rafael and the surrounding areas.

Dog Training FAQs

What vaccinations do you require for training?

To keep Fit ‘N’ Furry a safe and healthy place for dogs, we require vaccinations for rabies, DHLPP (distemper), and Bordetella. A Canine Influenza Vaccination is highly recommended.

For Puppy Socialization Classes vaccinations must be up to date and age appropriate by what the veterinarian of record says for: Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella. A Canine Influenza Vaccination is highly recommended.

Can I watch my puppy play during puppy socialization classes?

Yes! One family member (over the age of 12 yrs.) can come in with their puppy to observe and learn tips while their puppy plays.

What will my dog learn in training?

Our trainers specialize in helping your dog become the best family member possible. We do this by training the most important obedience cues, such as sit, stay, come when called, and leave it. We also work on leash skills, social skills, and home manners.

Can you work on a specific behavior with my dog?

We’ve worked with dogs of all breeds, ages, and challenges. Chances are we’ve seen your situation before! When you come in for your free training evaluation, we’ll discuss how we can help.

Can you work on my dog’s social skills?

Yes! Social skills are so important to developing a well-rounded dog. While we aren’t equipped to handle cases of extreme aggression, many of our programs have a social element so your dog can exercise his or her social skills with easygoing, friendly pups. For the young ones, we offer complementary puppy socialization to get them started off on the right paw.

Do you offer follow-up sessions?

Once your dog learns their skills, retaining them is an ongoing process. We lay the foundation for  good training and transfer that information to you so you can continue developing your dog’s skills and behaviors. All of our camps include ongoing support in person or by phone, or even via email or FaceTime.

We also have “Maintenance Training” sessions, in addition to our discounted play activities, for our dog training graduates at a small fee while they are here for lodging with us.

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Schedule your dog's evaluation and training now to receive these offers. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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Luxury Dog Boarding

Fit 'N' Furry offers an exceptional and remarkable overnight boarding experience for your pup! Our facility, which is clean, safe, and comfortable, serves as the closest alternative to being at home. Leading veterinarians highly praise the exceptional quality of our staff and the standards of care we uphold, and it's for a good reason. Take a moment to read the glowing reviews from our delighted guests! Conveniently situated for those in San Rafael and its vicinity.

Doggy Daycare Is Fun!

When it comes to describing Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort’s dog daycare program, "fun" is the perfect word! Our dog daycare is a dedicated space designed exclusively for dogs, ensuring they have a secure and wholesome environment for exercise, socialization, and entertainment.

There's nothing that fulfills a dog's innate nature quite like being in the company of other dogs, engaging in play and interactions with their furry peers. At Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort, our play yards are under constant supervision, with playgroups thoughtfully organized based on size and personality. Regular visits to our dog daycare contribute to creating the happiest, healthiest, and most well-socialized canine companions.

cavalier king charles spaniel being groomed

Luxury Canine Spa

Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort boasts a state-of-the-art dog spa that stands out from the rest and is also environmentally conscious. Our adept bathers and brushers provide an array of dog spa services aimed at enhancing your pet's appearance and well-being.

With gentle massages, baths, top-tier products, and affectionate attention, we ensure a delightful experience for every pet while safeguarding or enhancing the health of their coat and skin. Petaluma pets are treated to the pinnacle of pampering! Arrange an appointment to experience it for yourself and discover why pet owners from throughout Marin County consider us the best in the business.

Why Opt For Professional Bathing?

Our team consists of skilled and highly-trained spa professionals fully prepared to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We specialize in delivering high-quality services that dogs of all ages can appreciate.

At Fit ‘N’ Furry, our spa boasts the latest in dog bathing technology. Our premium bathing tools are designed for swift and comfortable service for your furry companions. We possess all the necessary equipment to handle deep layers of trapped hair, address challenging matting, tend to sensitive skin, and more.

Only the finest products grace our spa, from our all-natural shampoos to our indulgent spa treatments. Each service is thoughtfully administered by our talented staff, using healthy and effective products that go beyond what you'd typically find in the pet care aisle.

Let us take care of the mess; no need for you to handle it at home. Bathing your pet can be both messy and pose risks. Allow us to handle the heavy lifting, manage the splashes, and take care of the piles of dog hair. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Free Training Evaluation!

Get to know us and find out how we can help your dog. We're offering a FREE Training Evaluation ($129).

Schedule your dog's evaluation and training now to receive these offers. Cannot be combined with other offers.

About San Rafael, CA

San Rafael is a city and the county seat of Marin County, California. The city is located in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. As of the 2020 U.S. census, the city's population was 61,271, up from 57,713 in 2010.

San Rafael was founded by the Spanish in 1817, when Vicente Francisco de Sarría established Mission San Rafael Arcángel, initially as an Asistencia (sub-mission). San Rafael Arcángel was upgraded to full mission status in 1822, a month before Alta California declared independence from Spain as part of Mexico. Following the American Conquest of California, the community of San Rafael was incorporated as a city in 1874.

In California, green buildings serve as shining examples of the state's dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly construction practices. These architectural marvels are meticulously planned with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, water conservation, and minimizing their environmental footprint. They integrate innovative features, including solar panels, top-tier insulation, and rainwater harvesting systems, all contributing to reduced energy costs, lowered carbon emissions, and a significant enhancement of indoor air quality.

Fit ‘N’ Furry is proud to be the area's first certified Green building! For your furry friend, this means we have a cutting-edge 24/7 climate control and UV air purification system, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air. In just five years, we were honored with the Sustainable North Bay Award from the California State Legislature, recognizing our unwavering dedication to an eco-conscious and health-enhancing business model.

San Rafael is the home to one of the two campuses of Guide Dogs for the Blind, a guide dog training school. San Rafael is right at the beating heart of Marin. Not just the oldest and largest city in the county, it’s a place where culture, business, and just plain fun coexist happily. And thanks to its central setting, natural beauty is never far away.

We proudly serve pet owners in California's North Bay region, which includes Sonoma County, Marin County, and Napa County. Fit ‘N’ Furry is helping to set an example in building a pathway to a new lifestyle of future sustainability that will benefit generations. It is our mission: “We serve people and pets with excellence and add value to their lives.”