Dog Bathing

Dog getting a bath
Dog being brushed

Premium Dog Spa in Petaluma, CA

Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort’s state-of-the-art dog spa is unlike any other, and environmentally friendly, too. Our highly-skilled bathers and brushers offer a variety of dog spa services designed to make your pet look and feel their best.

Gentle massage, bathing, high-quality products and loving care provide a pleasant experience for every pet while maintaining or improving the condition of their coat and skin. Petaluma pets don’t get more pampered than this! Schedule an appointment and see why pet owners from all over Marin and Sonoma counties call us the best.

New Clients Get a FREE Premium Bath! ($35 value)

New clients only, 1 per household. No cash value. Subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Why choose professional bathing?

Our talented, highly-trained spa staff have the experience and techniques to deliver a comfortable experience. We specialize in providing quality services in ways dogs of all ages can enjoy.

The Fit ‘N’ Furry spa is equipped with the latest in dog bathing technology. Our top-shelf bathing tools are designed for quick and comfortable service to your dogs. We have everything we need to take care of deep layers of trapped hair, uncomfortable matting, sensitive skin, and more.

We use only the best products from our all-natural shampoos to our pampering spa treatments. All services are lovingly delivered by talented staff using healthy, effective products you won’t find in the pet care aisle.

Leave the mess with us, not at home. Bathing your pet can be messy and even dangerous. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, puddles of water, and piles of dog hair.

What are the health benefits?

Fit Fit 'N' Furry groomer working with a big dog

  • Well-bathed dogs are often healthier overall
  • Trimmed nails are safer for them and you, and easier on your floors
  • Properly-cleaned ears hear and feel better
  • Extra hair/fur can mat, reduce contact with the air and trap moisture
  • Thorough cleaning and brushing promote healthy skin & fur
  • Trained eyes spot potential health risks before they become major complications
  • And a clean dog gets more cuddles!

New Clients Get a FREE Premium Bath! ($35 value)

New clients only, 1 per household. No cash value. Subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Additional spa services

The spa at Fit ‘N’ Furry gives your dog a luxurious bath and leaves them feeling relaxed, smelling pleasant, and showing off a clean and shiny coat.

Beautiful dogs begin with a proper and professional bath! We’re proud to feature our PRIMA state-of-the-art bathing system for our canine guests. This exclusive system provides a deep-down cleaning of your dog’s fur and skin, and it’s fantastic for sensitive skin. Our other salon offerings include:

  • Teeth brushing
  • FURminator de-shedding treatment
  • De-skunking treatment
  • Flea & tick prevention

Give us a call to get your reservation started today!

Required vaccinations for Spa Services are:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • While not required, we highly recommend the canine influenza vaccinations

We have been using Fit ‘N’ Furry since Oct. 2007. Our experience has been very positive in every way. The staff is delightful, very caring and friendly. We can truly enjoy our trips knowing that Kisses is in such good hands. We never hesitate to recommend Fit ‘N’ Furry. The facility is state of the art, spotlessly clean and cozy.

  • Stan, Barbara, and Kisses

We found Fit ‘N’ Furry after lots of searching! From the first phone conversation to our initial visit, everything felt right. I appreciated the professional environment, the attentiveness of the staff, and the welcoming atmosphere.

  • Teri and Satchmo