4 ‘Next Steps’ When a Dog’s Behavior is No Fairy-Tale


For so many people, pets were a saving grace during the pandemic more than ever.

Countless animal lovers adopted or purchased dogs during COVID, opening their homes to pups that needed them while taking solace themselves in their burgeoning new friendship.

Experts agree that socialization is an absolute must for growing dogs. But that was an extremely challenging scenario for so long. Now, with everyone returning to their pre-pandemic routines they are finding their pups are having a harder time acclimating to other dogs, crowds, trips, house guests, etc.

So, as a pet parent having new issues with your dog’s behavior, you’re probably saying to yourself “What now?”

Fortunately, luxury pet resorts like Fit ‘N’ Furry have some great answers:

  1. Boarding services sideline separation anxiety: An unexpected side effect of acquiring a dog during COVID was that pet parents were home – a lot, which perhaps gave our dogs a skewed view of day-to-day life. As the world reopened, travel once again became commonplace, and workforces returned to their offices, dogs once again began to experience separation anxiety while waiting for their people to return. Boarding services can offer the next best thing to home when you need to make an overnight trip or take an extended vacation. Between spacious and fun-filled doggie play areas that guests can explore with their pals, to one-on-one interaction with dedicated caregivers for some TLC, and plenty of other luxury amenities, today’s boarding facilities – like Fit ‘N’ Furry – can take your dog’s mind off of missing you while providing safe and secure accommodations.
  2. Daycare delivers on fun and friends: A quality doggie daycare program can satisfy your pup’s inherent pack nature by giving them a daily opportunity to frolic with other dogs. Not only does this provide plenty of exercise and engagement, but by occupying your dog’s busy mind and body, daycare helps your dog’s behavior, as well. It can reduce the risk of digging, chewing, and other assorted mischief at home while helping to curb separation anxiety. By the time pickup time arrives, your pet is tuckered out from a full day of play and ready for some TLC at home.
  1. Training keeps our canine pals on their toes: It’s never too late to teach a now older dog new tricks, or at least brush up on the basics. The best luxury pet resorts offer full-fledged training programs that allow pets and their owners to establish better lines of communication or improve any problematic behaviors. Fit ‘N’ Furry, for example, offers professional dog training that leverages positive reinforcement to yield lasting results.
  1. Regular bathing for health: The cleanest dogs are the happiest dogs (and the healthiest). Fit ‘N’ Furry offers satisfying spa services, making sure that your dog looks and smells their best by using professional, non-allergenic fur and skin cleaning products. Our top-shelf bathing equipment is designed for quick, comfortable service that frees your pet from tangled hair and unpleasant matting, while trimmed nails are safer for them, for you, and your floors.

Whether you brought a dog into your home during COVID, or are currently considering growing your family, Fit ‘N’ Furry offers a full slate of boarding and daycare activities for your dog. Our daycare program offers group or individualized play sessions 7 days a week that build socialization skills and ensure that your pup is playing with friendly, vaccinated pals that are similar in size and energy level. Guests booked for extended stays benefit from our full spa services, nighttime tuck-ins, and gourmet treats. Contact our team today to learn more.