3 Reasons Why Boarding Your Cat is Better Than Being Left Home Alone

Happy Bengal cat loves being stroked by woman's hand under chin. Lying relaxed on window sill and smiling

Dog lovers know all too well that our canine companions can frequently get into mischief when left alone, from chewing on things better left unchewed, to barking at the neighbors and rooting through the trash. They crave socialization. A doggie daycare or boarding center can provide that for them.

But what about our more independent feline friends? Historically, cats have marched to the beat of a different drum, and with litter boxes at the ready and a good chair to curl up in – many pet parents may think boarding a cat is unnecessary, at best.

The Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort team regularly talks to pet parents about the benefits of boarding our whiskered pals. Here are just three reasons boarding your cat is better than being left at home alone.

  1. Boarding Keeps Your Cat Engaged and Healthy

One of the main reasons pet parents come to Fit ‘N’ Furry is because of the welcoming wonderland it provides for cats.

When a cat stays overnight at a veterinarian’s office, they would potentially remain in their crate the entire time. At quality boarding centers like Fit ‘N’ Furry, however, cat visitors get a certain amount of free time.

Not only do Fit ‘N’ Furry’s beautiful, spacious suites offer multiple tiers for climbing, but guests can also enjoy playtime in the resort’s cattery, where they’re free to roam individually.

During this free time, curious cats can scale a huge cat tree, watch the fish frolic in a cat-friendly aquarium, and get some TLC from a pet care tech while nestling in a rocking chair.

Boarding your cat at a quality resort also ensures they’ll get plenty of interaction and personal attention.

While cats at Fit ‘N’ Furry don’t intermingle, the fronts of their units are designed to allow them to hear and smell their fellow felines, while keeping them out of each other’s spaces.

For cats who are a little more on the shy side, Fit ‘N’ Furry offers a quiet space in a more secluded area. For those who love to watch the world outdoors, the front of the cattery offers a phenomenal view with plenty to look at and lots to interact with.

  1. Boarding Offers Far Superior Care to a Sitter

Another reason for boarding your cat is that basic care, including feedings, cleaning, etc., is comparable to what they would receive from a veterinarian’s office.

Fit ‘N’ Furry’s pet care techs have been through programs that teach about a cat’s needs. We can administer medications, provide care for older cats, and make sure we’re keeping an eye on specific healing processes.

Many cats come to stay with Fit ‘N’ Furry for convalescent care after a veterinarian has cleared them following surgery. The extra care and comfort are reassuring to pet parents and offer peace of mind that multiple trained caregivers are watching over guests every day.

Fit ‘N’ Furry keeps a record of everything cat guests do while at the facility, from meals to bathroom breaks to demeanor and health checks.

The resort conducts a 7-point wellness check for all cats daily, which includes an assessment of the eyes, the ears, the nose, the nails, and the paws, as well as appetite and litter output.

Pet parents can even call, text or email a request for a Pet Update!

  1. Boarding Brings You Peace of Mind

Many of Fit ‘N’ Furry’s feline visitors come for an extended stay and are with the resort for months.

Why? There is a distinct price point difference when it comes to having someone come to your house for a month versus having your cat stay at a professional facility. Not only do guests receive more “bang for their buck,” but the level of care also remains consistent every single day. Plus, you never have to worry about whether or not the person you hired to cat sit is going to be at the grocery store when they should be watching your pet.

And just as dog owners arrange for gourmet treats and other special amenities for their pals – cat parents can pamper their pets, as well – including extra playtime, furry rub sessions, bedtime story and tuck-in service, and so much more. The bottom line? Fit ‘N’ Furry makes certain every cat guest needs are met and that they feel loved and cared for.